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My 365 Project

By Shante · January 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

So guys this is my first post after a very very very long absence from my blog. Apologies all round guys! The main reason for the lack of blogging is because I've been really sick. In and out of hospital like mad, but I feel much better now and I have given myself a resolution for the year, to give my blog a new lease of life. So here it goesn my 365 project. Now I know that there has been quite a few days passed the new year but hey I can just count 365 days from today right? So this is my resolution is to blog one thing each day that has some relevance to my life, the fashion I love and the makeup I adore! Now for my first ews of the year! Ikve decided to start my own makeup artist bussiness! Well me and my friend and so you guys are the first to know! This is something I'm really excited about, I've gone out and bought lots of new palette and I'll be blogging about these things and my recent ventures to selfridges very soon! So watch out for more guys because I'm back and I'm ready to make this blog my new project! :)


By Shante · December 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

MERYY CHRISTMAS GUYS! So i hope you had or having a wonderful christmas and got everything you wished for! As for me i got more money than i expected and hoping to use it all on my shopping spree tomorrow! Have a wonderful day guys and enjoy this festive day!

Peace +& Love


Ultimate Christmas Fashion Quiz!

By Shante · December 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

To celebrate the festive season i've come up with a quiz that depicts both the history and current of fashion, so please have a go and have fun!

5 Looks for Christmas!

By Shante · December 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Christmas is nearly upon us, and what better day to lavish yourself with a gorgeous outfit! I've come up with five looks, one to suit you all, so take a look and post your comments below!

Which Style For Style Awards?

By Shante · December 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So the Style Awards has come and gone and i have chosen 5 of my favourite ladies to take the stand in my poll. I know that i've included this week's Best Dressed, but don't let that stop you choosing someone else. I'll be leaving this poll up for a week so get voting girls!

Camilla Belle in Kimberly Ovitz

Katie Cassidy in Edition by Georges Chakra

Selena Gomez in Max Azria Atelier Dress

Jessica Lowndes in Jaquard Halter Dress

Lea Michele in The Row Dress

Latest Fashion Love - Isabel Marant!!

By Shante · December 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So i've been taking a look at Pre Fall 2011 collections and i have to say i am in love with Isabel Marant's Pre Fall collection. It has essence of chic and structure yet it's playful and flirty too. I love the incorporation of bright bold colours with neutrals and blacks, and the use of belts and structural pieces such as those jackets are perfect!! Here are a few of my favourite pieces of the collection, take a look guys and post your comments below please!

Gift Guides for Beauty Fanatics

By Shante · December 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So ladies here is a list of gift ideas perfect for any makeup obsessed beauties! With a range of prices they're useful for everyone, whether you want to splurge or you're looking for a bargain. Hope this helps you guys, and please tell me what you think in the comment box below thanks!

Blake Lively's Look in 5!

By Shante · December 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

5 products that will help you replicate the beauty that is Blake Lively! Hope you guys like it, comments below please! (:

Products Shown:

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - £33.00
Lancome Magie Cream Blush - £21.50
Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow - £35.00
Dior 'Diorshow' Mascara in Black - £23.00
Mac Lipstick in 'Lovelorn' - £10.00

P.S Watch out for my video on this look involving high street products for a cheaper but similar look!

Oh Those Lovelies..

By Shante · December 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

On a recent venture to the store, i found myself fixated on a pair of these beauties! I just couldn't resist buying them, and they have now become a staple part of my evening wardrobe. So here it is, the 100 pound Jitterbug a la Kurt Geiger!

Vogue Best Dressed, What Do You Guys Thinks?

By Shante · November 21, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
So Vogue's top ten best dressed ladies are out, and some of them are quite surprising, whilst others are almost expected. I decided to attach a few photos of each person from past and recent events just to see if their acclaimed names are accurate. Tell me what you think :)
Blake Lively - The Bombshell
I must admit she has an amazing body, which recently is looking a little trimmer, i often don't her outfits outside gossip girl all that put together, nevertheless that face and body certainly does serve reference to the word bombshell quite accurately i must say!
Marion Cotillard - The Screen Siren
Marion Cotillard is an actress i find, puts her heart and soul into the character, she was magnificent in La Vie en Rose, and beautiful in Nine. What strikes me the most about her, is the humbleness she carrie off, certainly worth the title.
Michelle Obama - The Independent
Now i'm not quite sure why there is such a category as The Independent, but First Lady, Michelle Obama certainly does have some style and manages to pull of classy and clean cut outfits very well. More to the point, if there was ever a category Mrs Obama could fill in the context of fashion this would be the one.
Jessica Biel - American Beauty
She certainly is VERY beautiful in every way, the camera does love her and she has that very classic beauty that makes it ever so hard to see her in a bad light.
Alexa Chung - Street Cool
I've always found Alexa Chung very fashionable, whatever the event may be her pictures always resemble someone who definitely knows what trends to follow or to start for that matter.
Sarah Jessica Parka - Haute Bohemian
Sarah Jessica Parker's style always has an essence of Bohemian Fashion to it, the point that makes her Haute Bohemian, is her ability to add catwalk qualities to her bohemian style.
Liya Kebede - Conscious Chic
Liya Kebede is amazingly beautiful, and i totally agree that her fashion is very concious chic, partly because she hardly goes wrong, and because she manages to pull off chic so effortlessly.
Carey Mulligan - Free Spirit
Ever since Carey Mulligan has hit the screens in An Education i've always thought her red carpet style is very quirky yet classic. I find her very unique in a sense she does put her own personality into context when she chooses her outfits, and it certainly does her justice!
Shala Monroque - Neo-Classicist
Shala Monroque definitely depicts the essence of distinctive and decorative fashion. From prints to vibrant colours she sure does have a keen eye for the visual pieces in fashion!
Lady Gaga - The Visionary
Love or Hate her, the girl sure does know how to rock a few boats when it comes to fashion. Lady Gaga manages to bring avant garde not only to the red carpet, but also into everyday fashion. Her unique, and flamboyant style has definitely caused controversy but could it hold some future in fashion? Absolutely.
Kate Moss - Best Dressed of the Decade
Its goes without saying that Kate Moss sure can pull of an outfit, but would i go as far as to say that she was the best dressed of the decade? I'm not quite sure. Needless to say, credit must be given when it's due, and for that reason i must commend her for being such a fashion icon to the industry.
Hope you guys liked this! :)